This Monday 3rd February we are delighted to have the wonderful Velody guest teaching our improver+ class! Velody has been a friend of GLH for some time and we’re always pleased to have her back.

Velody has been dancing Lindy Hop & Blues since Spring 2008, & she delights in teaching them both across the UK & Europe. She runs a national vintage dance troupe – Swingvasion – which has involved creating original choreography for the BBC, teaching Charleston Hen Parties & promoting Swing dancing in the wider community. Velody loves dancing with beginners (leads and follows) & her dancing goals are always to promote body awareness, creativity, and fluidity of movement. Being a professional vocalist helps her to be “so musical” when she dances & she advocates listening to the music you want to dance to off the dancefloor, as well as on it.

The class is at the usual time of 9.15-10.15pm, and Velody will be around during social dancing so be sure to grab a dance : )

Looking forward to see you there!