Balboa classes are back on Tuesday nights!

Glasgow Balboa are bringing you another 6 week block of beginner and improver balboa classes. And for the first week of term we are offering you the chance to try this awesome dance for free!

When: Tuesday 2nd May
Time: 7pm
Where: Bacchus, Glassford Street
How much: Free!

Balboa is first thought to have been danced around 1915 and was most popular in the 1930s and 1940s. Like lindy hop, it is a descendant of charleston, and as such you’ll find lots of lindy hoppers who also dance balboa, although balboa dancers come from other dance backgrounds too.

Danced in a closer embrace than lindy hop, we love to develop and build on this new type of connection and movement. This eventually leads into a wonderful world of swooshy moves and fancy footwork variations!

We swap leading and following roles throughout the class, so be prepared to dance with lots of new people. For more information on the dance, what to wear etc. check out the pinned post on the Glasgow Balboa group page.

Do fun stuff for free and come and try this lovely dance!

Find the facebook event.