Hi folks!

After a short break over Christmas/New Year, as of 7th February 2022, we are back up and running every Monday!

We look forward to seeing you soon, and please find details below from our previous restarting classes announcement.




Our new venue is a large hall with a wooden floor and big windows that we will be opening for good ventilation.

Directions: Hall is on the 60 and 40 bus route, and it’s about ten minutes walk from St George’s Cross underground. If driving, free parking after 6pm is available on nearby side streets.

**Please read the rest of this post carefully before attending our classes.**

Classes will remain drop-in (ie you don’t have to book or pay in advance, or come to class every week). They will however follow a new format, probably until Christmas, then we’ll possibly have a rethink:

7.00-7.15pm – Doors open

7.15-8pm – Solo Jazz class

8-9pm – All-levels Lindy hop class

9-9.30pm – Practice time

9.30pm – Venue closes

Cost: £5 for either or both classes. A bargain! NOTE for the moment, payment will be cash only, so please remember to bring actual money! If needed, there’s a cashline across the road at the nearest Tesco.

Covid Mitigations:

Our committee have had long discussions about this, we’ve looked at what other partnered dance clubs are doing nationwide and we’ve also sought your views via our recent survey.

In order to allow unmasked dancing and partner rotation (for those who choose) we’ve decided to go for fairly strict rules.

On entry to the building, and when moving around the building eg. going to the toilet, masks must be worn. 

On entry to the building one of our members will direct you to the venue’s temperature check.

On entry to our hall, you must:

Scan our QR code and enter your details.

Show evidence of double vaccination (either the Scottish Government’s vaccine passport scheme or a paper copy of your vaccination status). This will be logged against your name so that you don’t have to show it every week. For information on how to access this, see here:


Show evidence of a negative lateral flow test taken in the previous 24 hours (ie that day or Sunday evening). When you take the test, you have to register it on the Government’s website, and a text or email will be automatically be sent to you showing your negative status. You must show either the text or email on your phone.For information on how to access FREE lateral flow test kits see here:


If you have had Covid-19 symptoms DO NOT attend class.

If you’ve been in contact with someone with someone who has tested positive for Covid-19 symptoms, DO NOT attend class.

During the class:

If you feel more comfortable wearing a mask feel free to do so, however this will not be enforced.

If you feel more comfortable sticking with the partner you came with, feel free to do so, however people will be permitted to rotate partners during class, and practice time.

Glasgow Lindyhoppers invites you to take part in their classes at your own risk, and cannot be held accountable if you subsequently develop Covid-19.

Please DO NOT attend our classes if you’re not willing to follow these rules.

Sorry if these rules sound a bit harsh, but we want everyone to take part in the safest possible environment.