End of Term Party – 16th July 2018

Hi all,

Another block of classes ends (where does the time go?!) and another end of term party approaches!

Next Monday, 16th July, is the date of our end of term party.  In tribute to the fact we’ve been focusing on Solo Jazz in our 6 week block and we had some 20s Charleston at the beginning of the block we are going to be teaching you the Charleston stroll!

The Charleston stroll is a solo routine which is energetic, and just a bit silly. This class is suitable for complete beginners so if you have never tried Charleston, or any dancing before, you can still join in.

After class, stick around – it’s a party! Our GLH DJs will be playing music suitable for lindy, shag, balboa and even a bit of Charleston, so grab a drink from upstairs, hang out and socialise, and after an hour of dancing solo, why not ask someone to dance!

It wouldn’t be a party without a few treats – so if you can, feel free to bring along some snacks, baked goods or sweeties!

And since we’re in the middle of Glasgow’s hottest summer just about ever, why not wear something summery – flowery outfits, Hawaiian shirts, maybe even some shorts…? 😉

Doors Open 7pm
Charleston Stroll Class: 7.30-8.30pm
Social: 8.30pm onwards
Entry: £5 for class and social; £2 social only.

Venue: Blackfriars, Merchant City

See you next week!




Solo Jazz – DC Shim Sham part 2 tonight!

Tonight at Committee Room No 9, we have the last in our series of Solo Jazz classes (aww), DC Shim Sham part 2! So good we had to split it over two weeks!

Doors – 7pm
Class start – 7.30pm
Practice time – 8.30pm onwards

All for the bargain price of £3, come dance!


Solo Jazz – Frankie’s Shim Sham tonight!

Tonight at Committee Room No 9, we have one of the most popular routines in Solo Jazz – Frankie Manning’s Shim Sham!

If you’ve ever seen your friends up on the dance floor doing this routine and wondering if you should join in, this is your chance!

This class is essential if you want to attend the final two classes of this series in Solo Jazz, which is all about the DC Shim Sham!

Doors – 7pm
Class starts – 7.30pm
Practice time – 8.30pm onwards

All for the bargain price of £3, come dance!

Free Taster Class – tonight!

Hi Lindy Hop Fans,

Tonight is the night of the Free Taster Class!

Lindy hop came out of the jazz clubs and ballrooms of Harlem in the 1920s. It was most popular in the 1930s and 40s, but is danced all over the world today!

In this free taster class we will take you through some simple, fun moves to get you dancing straight away.

When: 7pm
Where: Sloans Ballroom, Argyle Arcade
How much: Free!

No experience required, this class is aimed at complete beginners. No need to bring a partner but feel free to bring friends!

We look forward to seeing all of you in Sloans for a wonderful evening of dancing on what we hope for some of you is the start of your excellent journey into Lindy Hop!

See you soon,


Free Taster Class – Monday 23rd April!

Hi everyone,

Apparently another term has passed us by, and it’s time yet again for the Free Lindy Hop Taster Class this coming Monday 23rd April!

If you’ve been looking for a chance to try this dance, next Monday is your time!

When: 7pm, Monday 23rd April
Where: Sloans Ballroom, Argyle Arcade
How much: Free!

Why not bring some friends too?

We look forward to seeing you then,


End of Term Party – Tonight!

Tonight – it’s our end of term party!

7pm – Doors open
7.30pm – Blues taster class
8.30pm – Social

Blackfriars Basement, Merchant City
Class and Social – £5
Social only – £2

As it’s our end of term party we’ll be having a taster class in blues – lindy’s more relaxed, slower cousin, which is usually danced to slower, bluesier music. Like lindy hop, blues dancing is another vernacular jazz dance style which began way back in the 1930s, when folk would gather in “juke joints” late at night and dance in crowded rooms to live blues music. Nowadays, blues is danced to all sorts of slower music, including blues, usually late at night, often at lindy events, when everyone is too tired to dance to the fast tunes!

And don’t disappear after class! It’s a party! So grab a drink from the bar and stick around for some social dancing with your new (and old?) dancing chums.

It wouldn’t be an end of term party without cake. So please feel free to bring along some baked goods or snacks.

And hey, why not get dressed up for the occasion?

Join us! 

Find the facebook event.

Sunday Shimmy – this week!

This Sunday is our next monthly social dance – Sunday Shimmy!

When: 4-7pm, Sunday 8th April
Where: Bacchus Bar, Glassford Street G1 1UR
How much: £4

Join us for a relaxed afternoon of dancing and be spoiled by our talented DJs who’ll play a mix of lindy hop, charleston, shag, balboa and maybe even some blues tunes.

There is a bar upstairs where you can order food and drink as well.

Come join us!

Find the facebook event.

Free Taster Class in Sloans- Monday 15th January 7pm!

Hello dance enthusiasts, and a happy new year from Glasgow Lindyhoppers!  We have many exciting events coming up this year, with the recently announced Fast Feet Fest just a taste of what’s to come!

Our first major of the event of 2018 is our free taster class – link – in the beautiful Sloan’s Ballroom! Come and join us for a class where you will learn moves from this fun, addictive dance from the 1930s and 40s!

Afterwards we will be having a social dance to a live band, so please stick around to practice your new dance moves and chat to your new friends!

We look forward to seeing you then!