GLH Committee Announcement – classes restarting 1st November 2021!

Hi folks!

The news you’ve all been waiting for is here!

Our classes will restart on Monday 1st November, and our new venue will be Maryhill Central Community Halls on Maryhill Road. (See map for location of venue and note that it’s NOT Maryhill Burgh Halls, further up Maryhill Road!)

Our new venue is a large hall with a wooden floor and big windows that we will be opening for good ventilation.

Directions: Hall is on the 60 and 40 bus route, and it’s about ten minutes walk from St George’s Cross underground. If driving, free parking after 6pm is available on nearby side streets.

**Please read the rest of this post carefully before attending our classes.**

Classes will remain drop-in (ie you don’t have to book or pay in advance, or come to class every week). They will however follow a new format, probably until Christmas, then we’ll possibly have a rethink:

7.00-7.15pm – Doors open

7.15-8pm – Solo Jazz class

8-9pm – All-levels Lindy hop class

9-9.30pm – Practice time

9.30pm – Venue closes

Cost: £5 for either or both classes. A bargain! NOTE for the moment, payment will be cash only, so please remember to bring actual money! If needed, there’s a cashline across the road at the nearest Tesco.

Covid Mitigations:

Our committee have had long discussions about this, we’ve looked at what other partnered dance clubs are doing nationwide and we’ve also sought your views via our recent survey.

In order to allow unmasked dancing and partner rotation (for those who choose) we’ve decided to go for fairly strict rules.

On entry to the building, and when moving around the building eg. going to the toilet, masks must be worn. 

On entry to the building one of our members will direct you to the venue’s temperature check.

On entry to our hall, you must:

Scan our QR code and enter your details.

Show evidence of double vaccination (either the Scottish Government’s vaccine passport scheme or a paper copy of your vaccination status). This will be logged against your name so that you don’t have to show it every week. For information on how to access this, see here:

Show evidence of a negative lateral flow test taken in the previous 24 hours (ie that day or Sunday evening). When you take the test, you have to register it on the Government’s website, and a text or email will be automatically be sent to you showing your negative status. You must show either the text or email on your phone.For information on how to access FREE lateral flow test kits see here:

If you have had Covid-19 symptoms DO NOT attend class.

If you’ve been in contact with someone with someone who has tested positive for Covid-19 symptoms, DO NOT attend class.

During the class:

If you feel more comfortable wearing a mask feel free to do so, however this will not be enforced.

If you feel more comfortable sticking with the partner you came with, feel free to do so, however people will be permitted to rotate partners during class, and practice time.

Glasgow Lindyhoppers invites you to take part in their classes at your own risk, and cannot be held accountable if you subsequently develop Covid-19.

Please DO NOT attend our classes if you’re not willing to follow these rules.

Sorry if these rules sound a bit harsh, but we want everyone to take part in the safest possible environment. 

We can’t wait to see everyone again, so come and dance with us on Monday 1st November (and every Monday thereafter) at Maryhill Community Central Halls! 😀

Glasgow Lindy Hoppers – COVID-19 Statement Update

Hello everyone,

In light of the introduction of a tiered system from Monday 2nd November by the Scottish Government, we wanted to reiterate what that means for Glasgow Lindy Hoppers and whether we can start our classes again.

In our previous statement, GLH stated that classes would not be forseeable for starting back until Phase 4, which was when restrictions have been lifted. Given that Glasgow City and many of the surrounding areas have seen further restrictions on what we can and cannot do, there is still no date for when we can safely restart our classes. The safety of our GLH members is our priority at this time and, as hard as it is, classes need to remain postponed.

The level for as normal as it gets without a vaccine, Level 0, still has a large amount of restrictions on socialising indoors, so it seems unlikely that in-person classes can resume in this phase.

Although we are currently not holding regular classes, there are many professional teachers who have currently lost their income due to this pandemic who need our support during this time. Classes are held online and you can do them from the comfort of your own home. Many are free to join if money is tight but they also have a donation link available. A post containing some of these classes will be available soon.

In the meantime, keep safe and we hope to see you soon.

GLH Committee

Glasgow Lindy Hoppers – COVID-19 statement

Hello everyone,

It has now been a couple of months since classes have been cancelled due to the ongoing pandemic. It has been a tough time for everyone involved, including the GLH Committee. Taking the decision to cancel our classes after practically no interruptions in the roughly 9 years since we started running weekly Lindy Hop and Charleston classes in Glasgow was not one which was taken lightly.

The committee met last week (online, rather than in a random pub basement as is usual with these affairs) and after reviewing the most recent lockdown route map provided by the Scottish Government, it is very unlikely we will be able to organise in person classes and socials until at least Phase 4, which will be the final phase. We don’t know when this will be, but we’re keen to start classes as soon as we possibly can, when it is safe to do so.

However, that doesn’t mean we’ll be quiet until then. We have plans to help keep the community spirit alive – we all miss our weekly meetups with our dancing pals!

So, please keep an eye out on here and on our Facebook group for what surprises we will throw your way, but in the meantime we hope you keep safe and well, and we look forward to seeing you at a future Monday class or weekend workshop.

Stay safe,

GLH Committee

Cancellation of classes

Due to the Covid-19 virus, we have, with great regret, taken the decision to suspend our Monday evening classes for the foreseeable future. Dancing is a social activity involving hand to hand contact and physical proximity in a relatively confined space, therefore continuing our classes is too risky. We hope that you will continue to practice solo dancing at home and return to dance with us in the hopefully, not too distant future.

January Sunday Shimmy

Join us for some social dancing, on Sunday 26th January at our new venue, Cathedral House Hotel, just off the High Street. We’ll have three hours of DJed tunes to dance to, plus plenty of time to socialise with your chums and enjoy checking out your new surroundings. Just buy a drink from the bar, and entry is free! You can choose tea, coffee, soft drinks or alcohol, and if you’re feeling peckish there will be light meals and snacks available too.

Free Taster Class – 6th January 2020

Swing into the Roaring 20s with a free lindy hop taster class with Glasgow Lindy Hoppers!

Lindy hop came out of the jazz clubs and ballrooms of Harlem in the 1920s. It was popular in the 1930s and 40s, but is still danced all over the world today.

In this free taster class we will take you through some simple, fun moves to get you dancing straight away.

When: 7pm, Monday 6th January
Where: Renfield St Stephens, Bath Street
How much: Free!

Stick around after class to practice your new moves with some social dancing time!

No experience required, this class is aimed at complete beginners. No need to bring a partner but feel free to bring friends.

WARNING: This dance is highly addictive, proceed with caution!

Facebook event link

Monday 30th September 2019 – change of venue!

Hello all,

Due to unavailability of our usual venue Blackfriars, for one week only we are in Renfield St Stephens on Bath Street

Class times are as normal but in case this is your first time coming along:

  • 19:00 – Beginner’s footwork
  • 19:30 – Beginner’s dance class
  • 20:15 – Social Dancing
  • 21:00 – Improver dance class
  • 22:00ish – practice time

We hope you can still join us, and we’ll be back in Blackfriars the following week for our usual Monday night antics!

Thank you,

GLH Committee x

Solo Jazz 2019!

We are running a 6 week block of solo jazz classes in preparation for our solo workshop, Level Up! Pep That Step!

Times and exact locations vary, ensure you look up the appropriate event for exact details: – week 1 – week 2 – week 3 – week 4 – week 5 – week 6

See you soon!


Level Up – Pep that Step!

Registrations for Level Up – Pep that Step open on Saturday 6th April at 10am via DanceCloud.

Glasgow Lindyhoppers are delighted to announce the return of Level Up! for its third year!

Also returning to Glasgow are two of our faves – Trisha Sewell and Ben Cook.

Level Up – Pep that Step! will focus on taking your dancing to the next level. This is a chance to improve your technique, to hone your leading and following skills and to get your power bars up to full strength.

Follow track – Sugabomb with Trisha!

Sugabomb is a philosophy. We want all followers to feel fabulous and confident about their dancing, and to find their own ‘unique sweetness’.

This program is an introduction to our philosophy which gives followers a deeper understanding about the core skills required to develop your individual personality and to be an amazing follower. This includes working on body awareness, posture, connection and variations. Followers will get to spend the whole weekend working with Trisha.

Lead track with Ben!

Spending their weekend working with Ben, leaders will have the chance to focus on their own body and movement as well as honing in on key aspects of leading.

Ben will take leaders through a programme designed to develop essential leading skills, including working on quality of movement, body leading, footwork variations, improvisation and efficiency, anchoring and stretch.

Visit the facebook event page.